Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage – When anti-piracy goes wrong

I have been getting asked this question quite frequently over the last few weeks, so I thought a quick post on the site might be in order.  I have been running across an increasing number of computers that have a Microsoft “Genuine Advantage” warning Microsoft Genuine Advantagemessage on them, and users want to know why.  If you’ve ever been bothered by these messages and want to know more, then read on!

“Genuine Advantage” is Microsoft’s politically correct way of referring to the anti-piracy measures that they have been implementing over the last 5 years or so.  The technology exists to scan your computer for Microsoft software of any kind, and notify you if your license is not valid.  (In other words, if you didn’t pay for the software, but copied it from a friend)  The concept sounds benign on paper, but in reality Microsoft has gotten a lot of flak for this for a variety of reasons. Read the rest of this entry »


What you really need to know about viruses and spyware – Part 1: What’s the difference?

Lately, it seems viruses and spyware have been surging forward in both quantity and severity.  Something tells me this problem is not specific to Naples, Florida; virus infections are on the rise and there’s no end in sight.  Just how scared should you be, and is there anything specific you need to DO to protect your computer network and business data?Computer network virus

Part 1 of this series deals with the difference between viruses and spyware/adware, and the capabilities of both to annoy you, and cause you to lose productivity.  They have similar behavior, but are not quite the same.  Viruses and spyware are software programs that are automated, and once installed (usually unintentionally) will continue to perform their evil functions without any further interaction from their creators.  In this way, they are different from getting “hacked” or otherwise having your data compromised. (Which I’ll probably discuss in a future article at some point!) Read the rest of this entry »


Wireless-N; Is it a Wireless-Necessity?

Anyone who’s been in a Best Buy lately can attest to the fact that the wireless networking shelf is getting very cluttered, with too many wireless solutions to count.  Two antennas, three antennas, internal antennas, dual-band, MIMO, wireless B-G-N, 2.4Ghz 5Ghz; when the heck did things get so complicated?  wireless network access pointI am going to attempt to demystify some of the lingo and separate the fact from the marketing sizzle.

This article assumes that you are already somewhat familiar with the current Wireless-G standard, and focuses on the main differences that Wireless-N brings to the table.  Though the boxes at the store have all kinds of lingo on them, there are really only 4 things you need to know about Wireless-N, which I will, of course, explain in detail later on:

1)      Improved speed and signal

2)      Dual band vs. dual band simultaneous

3)      MIMO

4)      Backwards compatibility

Wireless-N routers and access points are going to run roughly twice the cost of their Wireless-G counterparts.  While Wireless-G routers often go on sale for around 50 dollars, Wireless-N routers usually start at around 100 bucks, with some of them stretching into the 150 dollar range.  Other than being the first kid on your street to have one, what is that extra money really getting you? Read the rest of this entry »


Certified Network Solutions, Naples, FL

CNS (Certified Network Solutions) was founded in 2005 by Paul Nicodemi and provides network support and consulting services for small businesses in the Naples, north Naples, and Bonita Springs community.  If your business has at least 5-10 computers and one or more servers onsite, and you rely on this equipment to run your business, then our services could be right for you.

Naples Computer Network Service

CNS provides assistance with all phases of computer technology implementation; from consulting and selecting the right equipment, to ordering and installation… Including ongoing computer network maintenance.

We offer flexible support packages, so that your business can reliably plan for support costs on a monthly basis.  If you prefer, we also offer hourly support, which we find most apt for emergencies or after-hours maintenance or implementations.

Free consultations are available for customers who are interested in learning more about what we do.  During these consultations, a CNS technology specialist will spend time on-site examining the current technology solutions in place, and meet with key members of the staff to determine what steps will be necessary to meet your company’s IT goals.  Our meetings are free of techno-babble and double-talk, and we love sharing our methods and practices with our customers and making sure they understand the reasoning behind our recommendations. We understand that nearly all businesses rely on their technology to run core business functions, and will leverage our years of experience to make sure your computing environment performs at top efficiency and efficacy.

Naples Computer Service

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