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CNS (Certified Network Solutions) was founded in 2005 by Paul Nicodemi and provides network support and consulting services for small businesses in the Naples, north Naples, and Bonita Springs community.  If your business has at least 5-10 computers and one or more servers onsite, and you rely on this equipment to run your business, then our services could be right for you.

Naples Computer Network Service

CNS provides assistance with all phases of computer technology implementation; from consulting and selecting the right equipment, to ordering and installation… Including ongoing computer network maintenance.

We offer flexible support packages, so that your business can reliably plan for support costs on a monthly basis.  If you prefer, we also offer hourly support, which we find most apt for emergencies or after-hours maintenance or implementations.

Free consultations are available for customers who are interested in learning more about what we do.  During these consultations, a CNS technology specialist will spend time on-site examining the current technology solutions in place, and meet with key members of the staff to determine what steps will be necessary to meet your company’s IT goals.  Our meetings are free of techno-babble and double-talk, and we love sharing our methods and practices with our customers and making sure they understand the reasoning behind our recommendations. We understand that nearly all businesses rely on their technology to run core business functions, and will leverage our years of experience to make sure your computing environment performs at top efficiency and efficacy.


Success in the City – Naples Chamber of Commerce Annual Trade Show

Have you ever dreamed of being able to travel from Goodlette Frank Rd. to Collier Avenue in a matter of seconds?  Then taking a quick right turn and being at Third St. SouthWelcome to the Trade Show two minutes later?  Well, had you had attended the Naples “Success in the City” trade show on August 18th, you could have actually experienced this brain-warping sensation yourself; if only for a few hours.  This year, the Naples Chamber held its annual trade show at the Naples Beach Hotel.  For the show’s theme, the entire lobby and two adjoining ballrooms were converted into a replica of the streets of Naples, complete with street signs. Read the rest of this entry »


Choosing the right Domain Name Registrar

CNS, Naples, FL DomainsThis time around, I’ve chosen a topic that should be near and dear to every modern business owner: choosing a domain name registrar.  Just in case you’re not familiar with the term, a registrar is a company with whom you register your company’s domain name, such as waltswidgets.com.  I can’t think of a single business I’ve worked with in recent years that did not have at least one domain name, whether it’s a multimillion dollar industry, like Physicians Regional Healthcare System in Naples FL, or the local barber shop.  The problem is that there are so many web-based companies competing for your registration dollar, all of which are seemingly identical on the surface.  It turns out that there are a few key things you should look for in a registrar, and I thought I’d take a moment to outline these: Read the rest of this entry »


5 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make When Starting an IT Project

Lists; people love lists.  And authors seem to love writing lists; presumably because they know people love reading them.  I have prided myself on the fact that I haven’t given in to the siren song of the countdown list in any of my web articles to date, but I fear it’s time for that perfect record to come to an end.  The reason?  I have been seeing way too many Naples businesses make the same technology mistakes over and over again.  Consider this article your Network Mistakes, Naples, FLlighthouse in the dark, or your caution tape around the open manhole; whichever analogy you prefer.  If you are a business owner, and will at any time be involved in a computer network or technology upgrade of any kind, read on!  Avoiding these simple caveats may save you precious time, money, and headaches.  Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the top 5 mistakes businesses make regarding IT projects:

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GoldCoast Salads, Naples, FL

In January, the Collier County Economic Development Council honored GoldCoast Salads as Collier County Business of the month, an award that in their case, recognized job creation and economic diversification in the community.  To celebrate, the folks at GoldCoast Salads (GCS) were kind enough to open their doors to fellow EDC mEDC Business of the Monthembers for a reception and tour of their Naples facility on Plover Ave.  This was my first time hearing of their company, though once I saw the building, I realized I’ve been driving past it for a few years now.  I just never knew there was a full-fledged manufacturing and packaging facility hidden inside!

GCS currently has three products which are manufactured right here in Naples, FL for national distribution: A Blue Crab dip, a Maine Lobster dip, and a Smoked Salmon dip.  Their breakthrough moment was when they got a deal with Costco for national distribution, and this is probably the easiest way you can go out and try some of their dip today.   Read the rest of this entry »


CEO Nexus – Norman Love Confections

Economic Development Council Naples, Norman Love

I was fortunate enough to have recently attended one of the most interesting EDC-related events yet; the CEO Nexus Forum hosted by Norman Love Confections.  The Economic Development Council in cooperation with GrowFL (www.growfl.com) coordinated this event with Norman Love, and engaged him to speak at the event to share some of his business wisdom and experience with other CEO’s of local companies.  The best part was that the event was hosted at the Norman Love Salon on Daniels Pkwy, and that complimentary chocolates and wine were part of the program!

For those of you who were unable to attend, I wanted to take this opportunity to paint a picture of what you missed.  Even if you were at the event, you might still find some good takeaways in the article, so read on!

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Project Innovation – January 26, 2011 – Innovation pillar (Hilton Naples)

The latest Project Innovation event, hosted by the Economic Development Council of Naples (EDC), was one of the most encouraging events I have attended in quite a long time.  With the constant drumbeat of economic doom and gloom that you hear on the news and radio, it was extremely gratifying to see some real-life examples of how people areEconomic Development Council PI Logo overcoming this climate, and specifically how Naples as a community is weathering this storm with grace.

The thrust of Project Innovation is much the same as that of the EDC itself, which is to foster an environment in which ideas and entrepreneurship can grow and thrive.  This is accomplished by creating a sustainable environment, and one which will attract and retain world-class employees.

This time around, the panel focused primarily on our future leaders and innovators; in other words, children!  From the national anthem which was sung beautifully and fearlessly by a 7th grade girl (incidentally, the daughter of EDC President Tammie Nemecek)

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Computer Acronyms Detangled – SSL

Man, do computer technicians ever love their acronyms!  TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, OWA, RDP, RCP, WINS, CMOS, BIOS, PCMCIA; I could list them all day, and the funny thing is that if there’s any other geeks reading this, they can probably tell me exactly what each and every one of those means.  (There’s even a running joke about the last one:  “People Can’t Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms”)  In this series of articles, I’m going to tackle SSL Certificate Computer Networksome of the acronyms that you might need to know in order to get your business computing environment up to spec.  I’ve decided to start with a technology that has become more and more prominent as time goes on; the infamous SSL or Secure Socket Layer.

SSL is a technology that is used primarily on websites.  If you’ve ever done online banking or purchased something from amazon.com, you’ve probably noticed the little padlock that appears on the top of your web browser.   Read the rest of this entry »


Can your server do this? – Outlook Anywhere

Here’s a common scenario I run into with business networks all the time.  Let’s say you are running Exchange on your server in the office to handle all incoming mail to your company’s domain at WaltersWidgets.com.  Employees in the office use Microsoft Outlook to manage their email, contacts and calendar info.  This works great for everyone except for a few sales employees with laptops.  They are sometimes in the office, but often travel to other cities on sales calls and seminars, and they take their laptops with them.  Their Exchange Server OutlookOutlook works fine in the office, but as soon as they leave the office with their laptop, Outlook goes into “cached mode” and won’t send or receive anything new or synchronize calendars or contacts until the next time they are back in the office.

Some people get around this using Outlook Web Access, which allows you to use your web browser to access email from the office server (more on this in another article).  But what if you want to stick to the familiar Outlook interface?

Enter Outlook Anywhere (formerly known under the esoteric “RPC over HTTP” moniker).  Starting with Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003, the server can be configured to allow Outlook to function from anywhere in the world that the laptop has an internet connection.  The upshot of all this is that the sales people in the aforementioned example can take their laptops on the road, and still have LIVE access to all their email, contacts, and calendar info, without ever having to leave the comfortable Outlook interface.

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Can your server do this? – Faxing

I’ve noticed that many of my customers throughout Naples are not utilizing their equipment to the fullest capacity.  By this I mean that they’ve spent the money on a great network infrastructure, and are only utilizing 10% of the capabilities of their equipment!  I have Fax Serverdecided to write a series of articles entitled “Can your server do this?” which touches on many of the capabilities of a Windows server that I sometimes see overlooked.  The first of these deals with a rather mundane issue, faxing.  (But I promise a more rousing topic next time)

I realize that faxing is archaic and deplorable; most people think of it as the digital communication equivalent of a hammer and chisel.  However, it is not showing any signs of disappearing, mostly because legal documents which contain signatures are still faxed around with regularity.  If you have a fax machine in your office, think of replacing it with a digital fax solution. Read the rest of this entry »


What you really need to know about viruses and spyware – Part 2: How do I keep getting infected?

Computer network virusHopefully, Part 1 of this series helped you understand the nature and scope of spyware infections, and why they are much more prevalent and dangerous to the modern-day computing experience than viruses.  If you missed it, please read about it here before continuing on to part 2.  In today’s article, we’ll discuss ways to prevent getting infected in the first place, as well as dispelling some common spyware myths.

Protecting your computer network against virus/spyware attacks doesn’t have to be rocket science.  There are a few common mistakes people often make concerning virus protection, however, and I would like to start by disarming these time bombs now: Read the rest of this entry »

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